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Apply Albania E-Visa Online 2022

How To Fill Albania E Visa Form 2022





Albania e visa 2022




Why e-Visa?

  • Instant approval for all countries (see below)
  • Secure and efficent application submission
  • 24/7 fast online application & simplified forms
  • Visas for tourism, business, study & transit




Electronic Visa

Electronic Visa

It is an authorization printed in electronic form, generated with an electronic stamp and sent to the applicant by email, without the need to physically appear at the Diplomatic / Consular Representations of the Republic of Albania.





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  1. Visa application form, completed by the applicant, which is available online free of charge (the application form is completed online during the application, is generated and downloaded by the sistem)
  2. Proof of employment from their country of birth or country of residence. In case of this criteria not being met, the foreign citizen has to provide sufficient evidence that they will return to their country of birth or country of residence.
  3. Photograph of the applicant, with dimensions 47 mm x 36 mm
  4. Photocopy of the valid travel document
  5. Statement according to the legal provisions, where the consent of the parent or legal guardian is expressed according to the legislation in force for the travel of the minor.
  6. Documents showing a booking in an accommodation facility, according to the legislation on tourism or invitation from the person, natural or legal, where they will be accommodated
  7. Documents showing that the applicant has sufficient financial means for living, both for the duration of the stay and for returning to a third country, in which he is safe to enter or which is able to enjoy such financial and legal means in the Republic of Albania, in accordance with the provisions of this decision
  8. Round-trip ticket reservation document, or to certify the possibility of personal transport.
  9. Residence permit more than 12 months, issued from the country of residence, with a validity period of at least 3 addition months than the duration period of the required visa









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