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Fill Form Online 2021

Before Depater Fill Form Online








1- Nigeria: Pre-departure PERMIT TO FLY/QR code generated from the Nigeria International Travel Portal (https://nitp.ncdc.gov.ng) showing evidence of payment for the post-arrival day 7 COVID-19 PCR test.


>>> Click Here For Nigeria <<<




2- KENYA have negative PCR based COVID– 19 test carried out within 96 hours before travel and are from approved states shall be exempt from quarantine & Link https://ears.health.go.ke/airline_registration/

>>> Click Here For KENYA <<<


3- Ghana(ACC): RT-PCR -VE result plus filled LINK Is mandatory!!!
https://www.ghs-hdf.org/fill.php?l=en// & https://myfrontierhealthcare.com/Home/Pay?country=Ghana

>>> Click Here For GHANA <<<



4- RWANDA(KGL): RT-PCR -VE result plus filled LINK Is mandatory

>>> Click Here For RWANDA <<<



5- Tanzania: RT-PCR -VE result plus filled LINK Is mandatory

>>> Click Here For TANZANIA <<<


6- Burundi: RT-PCR -VE result plus filled LINK Is mandatory

>>> Click Here For BURUNDI <<<

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